The Different Types of International Development Work

Like everything in the world these are not discrete categories, and there is considerable overlap between them. Both relief work and peace building should be seen as the beginnings of longer sustainable development.


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Relief Work

Also known as aid work or humanitarian assistance. Relief work is usually very high paced, stressful and short term. It is usually done in response to a sudden emergency, and comprises a rapid response to provide food, clothing and shelter and logistical support.

Peace Building

This is development work carried out in war zones, or areas which have recently become peaceful. By its nature, this is a dangerous and usually restricted form of development work.

Development Aid

This is usually what people mean when they talk about “development”. This is development carried out over an extended period, normally measured in years.

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  1. Doris Kiser Says:

    In article,

    the word “discreet” should be changed to “discrete.”

    They mean completely different things!


  2. Ben C Says:

    Thank Doris! Fixed now—only 5 years later! 🙂

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