Major Job Websites

This link list covers the main international development job posting boards open to more than one nationality. If you check these websites, you are likely to see the vast majority of jobs that are posted centrally. Remember, some jobs are posted only on organizational websites, which means you will need to check these as well.

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As a newcomer to development, you may find a lot of these job sites only offer jobs that require 3-5 years experience minimum, but internship opportunities do turn up reasonably frequently. Don’t forget to check the smaller and niche websites.

We try and keep this list up-to-date, but the Internet is a volatile place! If you do find a broken or irrelevant link, or you know of a link that should be here, please let us know!

  • The Communication Initiative Network - List of development and communication jobs. You can also register yourself to receive bulletins about specific development areas of interest, but there is no job email list.
  • ReliefWeb - Search and job listing.
  • - You will need to visit the regional OneWorld sites to find employment opportunities - see the dropdown list in the top right corner of the website.
  • Microfinance Gateway - Not just microfinance jobs.
  • - A well organized job filter.
  • Idealist - Extensive and well-maintained job listing of both for- and non-profit jobs.
  • Global Recruitment - A clear and simple job vacancy list.
  • Global Focus - Offers listings broken down into job category types and a search facility.
  • Eldis - Offers a job list.
  • - Offers paid subscription to jobs, but job list is freely available on website.
  • DevJobs - Hard to take this website seriously due to its poor design, but it seems to post regular job updates.
  • Devex - Has a search facility and list. They also offer an Individual Professional Membership, which costs US$19 per month - we have not tried this.
  • Bond - UK-biased job search, but international jobs also shown.
  • AlertNet - Job search facility and listing.
  • Aidboard - A new aid and development job board, including a search facility.

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5 Responses to “Major Job Websites”

  1. Magnus Says:

    Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the great list above. I would also recommend as an excellent website. They gather all vacancies (including consulting opportunities and internships) from all major UN organizations, NGO’s, World Bank, European Union, etc. As a user you can also target your search so you only get the jobs that are interesting and relevant for you.

    Cheers, Magnus

  2. Leah Jetkins Says:

    I may recommend to visit
    This is the biggest listing of NGOs jobs in the web.

  3. Franz Xavier Says:

    Thank you for the great compilation of useful websites! I recommend to check out with the best opportunities in Human Rights and International Development.

  4. Hugo Says:

    Hi, I think you have a great website! Many international job boards are on there, of which I saw a few that I didn’t know. Recently I stumbled also on, and I think this job board should also be on the list. They focus mainly on social businesses and entry level jobs.

  5. Says:

    Please add to this list.
    This portal is dedicated to the development sector jobs.

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