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An easier way than checking a large number of websites is to sign up to their email subscription lists or RSS feed. We have brought together a number of different websites’ email lists and RSS feeds, so it’s easy to find them and sign up!

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  • Aid Board – A sign-up form in the sidebar offers 3 options: an immediate alert when specific keywords are matched; a weekly newsletter with the latest jobs and news; and a premium daily newsletter
  • AlertNet – Weekly job alerts after a longish registration.
  • Commonwealth Secretariat – Job vacancies
  • Devex – You will need to become a member to get their twice weekly development jobs newsletter listing the jobs they post and/or news on development.
  • Global Focus – A fortnightly job listing, requiring quite a lengthy registration. Subscribing to a bulletin of development issues is also possible after registering.
  • Idealist – Requires a quick registration, and then allows you to save a job search criteria and receive email updates.
  • ReliefWeb – Requires a short registration and allows a highly customized subscription including weekly job vacancies.
  • TearFund – N.B. This organization requires you to be Christian. You can receive UK-based or international position emails.

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