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Reasons to Register

Here are some more reasons we really think you should join, ordered randomly:

  1. Strengthen your CV
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Frequently Asked Questions

What am I getting myself into by registering?
As much or as little as your want!
Will you sell my email address to S. Pammer & co.?
No way. Never. That would be 100% against our principles.
Do I have to pay?
Are you kidding? No, of course not.

I know nothing about development. Can I still join?
Absolutely, but be prepared to do some learning before you can have something published!

Shouldn’t I be job hunting rather than joining this?
Job hunting is definitely needed, but see above for how you can benefit by registering.

If I log in using Facebook/Google/LinkedIn/etc. will it show on my wall/stream/river/whatever?
No! By signing in using your social network, you are just verifying your identity.

No? You’re Still Welcome

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