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    Toni Switzerland


    My name is Toni and I’m writing a research paper that explores the links between the teaching of business skills to small entrepreneurs in the Global South and the profitability of their businesses, along with the potential impact on development.

    I would be extremely grateful if somebody could put me in touch with people who know about these issues and who would agree to participate to a Skype interview that could take as little as 15 minutes. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated, even if the person can answer only a few of questions from the list below.

    1. Lack of profitability of small businesses in the Global South
    What are the reasons?
    What are the consequences? (They do not grow, they do not hire, …)
    How does it compare to other concerns that small entrepreneurs face?
    2. Motivations
    What are they / would they be for small entrepreneurs enrolling in a program that teaches them business skills?
    3. Educational background
    What are the main challenges associated with teaching business skills to people with little formal schooling?
    What are the best ways to overcome these challenges?
    4. Transfer
    How much of what is taught is then put into practice?
    What can be done to increase it?
    5. Return on investment
    How would you qualify the return on investment in terms of impact on business profitability?
    And in terms of impact on development?
    Do you know of other measures that have a better ROI / greater impact?
    6. Non-pedagogical factors (politics, culture, …)
    What can complicate or facilitate the implementation of such a program?

    Thank you


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