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    First of all thank you for making this clear website! It is very helpful. I would also love to find my way to work in ID. I have got a Master degree in Architecture and in Building Technology in the Netherlands both with a focus on Shelter construction and building in tropical countries. I graduated on a transitional shelter in the tent camps of Haiti, however I have not been there. I have worked for a NGO in Nicaragua building a school and for the integration of the slums in Buenos Aires.

    I am really passionated to contribute with my knowledge to ID. I would like to contribute to the development of shelters and the restructuring of slums. But it is kind of hard to find people that are looking for someone like me and also are able to pay so that I can live from it. Most offers are unpaid.

    One of my ideas is writing a Phd research in this field. I only have to find the right theme to write about, something where is really a need for. Would that extend my opportunities? Or is it more useful to get work experience? Or would it be better to do an other Master Degree?

    Thank you!

    Ben C

    Hi Eefje,

    I’m glad you find the website helpful! We’re actually spending some time (after a long break) updating the site, and would love to hear what other content or other features would make good additions to the site.

    That’s an interesting niche you are in. I am sure your skills are valuable, but I suppose the difficulty is in finding the organisations and people that would find them useful. Have you found jobs advertised that you would be interested in doing? What are they asking for? If it is experience, then you will need to find some way of gaining that—either through an intermediate job or through volunteering/interning if necessary. I doubt they require the extremely specific knowledge you would gain from a PhD, but I could be wrong. Having said that, it probably wouldn’t hurt your employability either.

    In my opinion, once you have a degree, and especially once you have a Masters, you are probably better served by gaining more work experience.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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