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We had had enough.

  • Enough of struggling to pull together the disparate job listing websites
  • Enough of wondering why job hunting was so unsuccessful
  • Enough of feeling all alone in the big international development world
  • Enough of a lack of simple introductory material to international development
  • Enough of people asking us how to get a job in development

So Development Worker was born.

Development Worker is still developing, and so it’s too early to say how it will turn out. In fact someone’s probably working on this very page right now. Did this sentence just appear? Become a member or subscribe to the mailing list or RSS feed above to keep up to date with all the new additions.

We love to get feedback, so we encourage you to leave comments. Particularly valuable is leaving your story in the Motivation section of the website. If you struggled for months to get your first break, you will know how demoralising it was.

Yes, some of the published dates are a trifle old, but this site is alive, and well! 4 June 2014.