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Helping you find your first international development job and preparing you for it

Starting out in international development is hard. Whether you are a recent graduate or changing career, you will find clear guidance on how to get that elusive first break.

You won't find job listings here, but you will find links to job sites, useful advice on finding work opportunities, and up-to-date background information on all aspects of international development.

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Job seekers should start with the find a job section.

If you have been job hunting for a while, you may need some motivation – find out how other people like you have found work.

If you’re not job hunting, drop by and read about background and discuss issues in development (or ask a question) or tell everyone your own story.


Why is International Development So Difficult?

You know the theory. It’s common sense. There’s plenty of money in the world, and there is probably enough available to banish poverty for good. So why is there still so much poverty?!

The Easy Way to Network

Networking is a crucial component of a successful job hunt, yet is often dreaded and avoided at all costs. Here is an easy and painless strategy for people that shudder when they see the word “network”!

How to Assess if an Organization is Good for You

As in other industries, there is an enormous range in organizations you can work at. Finding an organization that you are happy to work in is very important: however good the job is, if you don’t feel that the organization is right for you, then you will struggle to be happy.

Dissecting a Job Advertisement

Understanding what employers are looking for is one of the most important aspects of job hunting. Job advertisements are a key indicator of what is most valued. In this article we’re going to examine a typical job advertisement and identify some key points.

Strengthen Your Soft Skills

Soft skills are developed over time, and are closely associated with personalities and behaviours. These behavioural patterns have become incorporated into the cerebral cortex as the actions have been repeated, which means altering them – whether strengthening or changing them – is not an easy process.

Most Popular

The Different Types of Development Organizations

There are five groups that are commonly described as international development organizations. Photo credit: laszlo-photo Civil Society Organizations Examples: Oxfam, Bill and Melinda Gates Fo...

The Benefits of Volunteering

If you haven't considered volunteering, you really, really should. There are so many reasons to volunteer, we had to write them down! Photo credit: Ryuugakusei Learn about an organization ...

Major Job Websites

This link list covers the main international development job posting boards open to more than one nationality. If you check these websites, you are likely to see the vast majority of jobs that are pos...

Get Ahead with an Informational Interview

An informational interview is a great way to build your network, find out more about an organization, hone your interviewing skills, and increase your chances of getting a job there. Surprisingly, few...

The Drawbacks of Development Work

This is a non-exhaustive list of some of the possible drawbacks you may experience from working in international development. Some of these points will not be true of all jobs or countries, and you ma...

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